The Black Condition ft. Narcissus 

(Nightboat Books 2019) 

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a travel diary written in 50+ hours.

Mannish Tongues 

(Platypus Press 2017) (for a digital copy, click here

Sugar in the Tank 

(Pizza Pi Press 2016) (available by request only) 


Selected Digital:

Explaining from the Broken Body, How it Happened / Now I’m In Death’s Nightclub… Space is a Paradox / Reclaimancy #19 [or, The Snake Angulating Out], Hot Metal Bridge, Issue 24

 I Have a New Obsession with Bones, Poem-A-Day, American Academy of Poets

Narcissus in Dystopia & Manual, Duende Literary, State of Mind Issue 2018


Zumbi Act 1. Scene 1, ANOMALOUS PRESS 2018

Exhibition, Hyperallergic, 2017 

“i am interested in the Black condition”, TAGVVERK, 2017 

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See & narcissu stunts for the void…, Big Lucks 2017

narcissus, on kissingBOAAT Press, Sept/Oct 2017

narcissus (goes to the market), Nashville Review, Spring 2017

narcissus #17The Shallow Ends, 4.13.17

For Drought for The End of the World + I Know I Been Changed + A-Coming of Age, Yes Poetry, Jan 2017

Inaugural Poem for [REDACTED], January 18th, 2017 | LitHub 

Mr. Tournament at The Pool Party, Winter Tangerine: Mythology of Childhood Spitfire Feature

Eulogy for Myself, The Night (After Pepper Labeija), Winter Tangerine: Love Letters to Spooks Issue

Lyrebird + We Cannot Grieve + The Buffalo Cloud + white. savior. black. messiah, The Wanderer

Black Philosophy #3, Shade Journal, Issue 1 

A Future TomorrowNepantla, Issue 3

From The Poet… & ars poetica, DREGINALD, Issue 8

HomeboyVoicemail Poems (originally published in [sugar in the tank]) 

Hyel’s Zumbi, Guernica Mag

Horizon, Vagabond City Lit

Take Your Coffee Black, The Offing Mag

When a Nigga Calls You a Faggot / Elegy for a Brother, Shade 

I, Too + Sip + Vale [/ˈvälā/], Contemporary Queer Mag



narcissus in springtime, Gigantic Sequins (10.1)

Physical Education, Prelude (Issue 3)

National Anthem: An Ode + What Do You Call A Collective of Niggas? + there’s something bout being raised in church, Juked, Issue 14 

Trick + Habit + Fucking AngelsAssaracus: A Journal of Gay Poetry 

The Sin-EaterPolychrome Ink Issue 3, Zillion Press 

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