Kevin Hart isn't the Queer Problem with the Oscars.


white folks love homophobic black ppl cuz it's like A THING they can point to as BAD when it's affluent conservative & silent moderate white folks making LGBTQ™ life in this country so difficult. because for sure, Kevin Hart is capital H homophobic & not so uniquely from a bevy of working & visible Black entertainers & comedians (publicly, professionally so we'd have to assume privately). 

it's this fetish of "knowing" or having this "kind of proof" that an actor or entertainer is "problematic". when some celebs are as simple-minded around issues as anyone else & others actively invest in the toxic parts of our public consciousness because it remains profitable. but again it’s inconsistently executed & so often it is a line drawn by race. 

I don’t think Kevin Hart will be canceled for this, especially not by his largely popular Black fan base who’s opinions may vary but many would definitely align. 

the concerted effort to make n example of Kevin Hart absolutely speaks to anti-blackness > anti-discrimination. it’s a result of exposure to him, not actual care or righteous protection of “The Oscars” as queer safe space. because The Oscars are far from that. It celebrates heterosexual empathy & queer tragedy, the more unspoken the better. trans invisibility at its peak.

but moreover, how many pedophiles & abusers & racists are on that stage every year? why make Kevin Hart the example? I don’t even care for him but the selective outrage is boring & doesn’t hold him NOR the academy responsible. 

if your humanity is tied up in who is hosting the Oscars, we are all as good as dead. like I am apathetic to ONE job Kevin Hart may not have anymore. who will replace him? will LGBTQ actors suddenly get more nominations? will more women & trans & queer directors get nominations? will trans stories have trans actors play them? will the Oscars still be so white? 

the rallying of (white) gay-popular politics is so fickle is reveals the shallowness of the discourse & how much white queers ignore Black queer people & tastes when they can’t steal from them. black queers know Kevin Hart has said stupid shit, he says very typical shit

so like what are folks truly getting riled up feels fake. y’all feel fake. Kevin Hart ain’t even gon’ learn or grow from this. I’m honestly glad he didn’t apologize. he definitely don’t care.