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One Year Sober & So What....

It is a new baseline to hold myself. A higher bottom to hit than before. I live with manic depression & disassociate more than I prefer. Alcohol numbed the worst symptoms of these realities, that safety net is gone. However, every day I don’t drink is another day I retained some modicum of power for myself.

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invest in jayy: what’s next for me!

Since graduating college in 2014, I’ve navigated several avenues & projects trying to make sense of adult life & purpose. I am blessed to have a family & support system that has support my dreams in every way they are able & been patient with my navigation of the “real world”. While I am proud of what I have accomplished over the last 4 years, I did so navigating alcoholism & inconsistently treated mental illness. Since getting sober this spring, after a year of therapy & beginning my transition I feel more ready than ever to plant roots & develop the projects I’ve been sitting on for the last few years.

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